Patented outdoor ductwork product line

2020 ACHR Dealer Design Award Winning Product for Indoor Air Quality

EnduraDuct’s patented design is a highly efficient code compliant, including City of Chicago required Metal Duct, pre-insulated and cladded duct system. EnduraDuct provides a true SMACNA standard duct construction with a non-turbulent metal interior along with a standard non-penetrating insulation and cladding connection system. EnduraDuct is fully insulated, even at the connections, with no interior caulks or sealants to relay on, creating a true and long lasting Weather and Air tight System Designed for the outdoors, this product has a hard shell weather barrier with very high impact resistance and tensile strength. This premium product will withstand and endure the elements while maintaining a professional looking leak free, weatherproof outer shell.

SMACNA Standard Metal Duct interior available in a variety of metals (Galvanized, Stainless, Aluminum, PVC coated and more).

Low, Medium and High Pressure Classes

High R-Values from R-13.29 to R-26+

No internal clips or foams

No screw penetrations into the duct itself

Industry standard TDC/TDF connections

Extremely high impact resistance and load tolerance

LEED Point Eligible