EnduraDuct LT

Cost Effective Lined Outdoor Ductwork

EnduraDuct LT is designed with cost and quality in mind. Taking the low cost industry standard for outdoor duckwork (galvenized steel with internal insulation lining) and adding a highly protective and long lasting coating. No more rust damage, corrosion or water leaking into your airstream. EnduraDuct LT is your long-lasting, cost effective outdoor duct solution.

SMACNA Standard Metal Duct interior available in a variety of metals (Galvanized, Stainless, Aluminum, PVC coated and more).

Low, Medium and High Pressure Classes

Internal duct liner installed per SMACNA Standards

R-4 to R-8 Insulation Values

No internal clips or foams

No screw penetrations into the duct itself

Industry standard TDC/TDF connections

Extremely high impact resistance and load tolerance

Long-lasting Weather Barrier providing extreme Rust, Chemical, Hail, Weather and Impact resistance