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Frequently asked questions

EnduraDuct is an American Made, PATENTED, Manufactured, high r-value weather barrier with Union Made SMACNA Standard METAL duct that simplifies installations and provides the highest quality product on the market.
EnduraDuct is a pre-engineered, pre-manufactured outdoor ductwork system providing a seamless non-wavy, non-penetrating hard shell with a high R-Value Weather Barrier. EnduraDuct is the industry’s best looking product simplifying the installation to a single trade with less field connections and providing an industry leading warranty.
It’s simple, What good is it to filter your air into a Duct that isn’t Above Industry Standards ? Foam and Fiber can break away and require insulation penetrating connections which weaken and can degrade over time. Foam and Fiber can give off particles over time that get in the air stream and can effect indoor air quality and safety. “Board Ducts” require internal clips and caulks that are in the air stream causing turbulence and collecting dust debris and more. There is NO SMACNA standard for foam and fiber outdoor board ductworks. Would you walk in or on a foam board duct? What about cleaning, high pressure air brushes could easily tear the foil linings of foam ducts damaging the integrity and adding more particles to your airstream. ASHRAE leans into “standards”; Metal Ductwork (EnduraDuct) is true SMACNA standard, a smooth and seamless interior, and has been an industry standard for decades (for a reason).
EnduraDuct is available in a variety of high R-Values weather barriers to fit your application requirements, R-13 through R-26. We can go higher upon request, reach out to [email protected]
This depends on your climate zone classification. For example, in the Chicago area IECC 2012, requires an R-8 Insulation when located outside the building.
This depends on your climate zone classification. For example, in the Chicago area IECC 2015, requires an R-12 Insulation when located outside the building.
Yes, however additional cost and lead time may apply. Contact your Sales Representative for more information. EnduraDuct can also be painted in the field, see our technical bulletins for more information.
EnduraDuct is a true Metal Duct Interior and we can manufacturer to just about any pressure class. Contact your closest Representative for more information.
If you can read our guides, caulk and tape you can install EnduraDuct! However, we would be happy to train you to ensure the highest quality end product. Contact your sales representative for more information.