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EnduraDuct - Patented Outdoor Ductwork System

EnduraDuct’s patented design is a highly efficient code compliant outdoor ductwork system. Providing a true SMACNA standard duct construction with a non-turbulent metal interior along with a standard non-penetrating weather barrier system. With no interior foam, caulks or sealants to relay on. We have created a true and long-lasting weatherproof ductwork system.

SMACNA Standard METAL ductwork

R-13.29 to R-26 and beyond insulation values

Spooled in 5, 10 or 15ft+ sections to simplify installation and provide a seamless weather barrier

Low Cost

EnduraDuct LT - Outdoor Lined Ductwork

Everything you know and love about EnduraDuct's flagship long-lasting outdoor ductwork line but at a lower cost point. Internally lined SMACNA standard ductwork to your R-Value specifications with the same robust EnduraCoat and Spooling.

SMACNA standard internally lined METAL ductwork.

Spooled in 5, 10 or 15-ft sections to simplify installation

EnduraCoat long-lasting Weather Barrier providing extreme Rust, Chemical, Hail, Weather and Impact resistance

Perfect Solution


EnduraShield is our line of Heat Exchanger & Pump Insulated Covers. EnduraCoated lightweight removable R-13 custom fit covers for heat exchangers, pumps and more. Both protecting and providing extreme impact resistance.

Superior R-13 insulation value


Long lasting protective shell

Low cost

Protective Barrier


Corrosion, Rust, Chemical, Impact and Weather resistant barrier for all outdoor products!

Outdoor Exhaust Ductwork

Outdoor Air Intakes

Curbs and Adapters

Pipe Covers

and much more!