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EnduraDuct provides the high quality solutions for outdoor duct systems, drains pan, covers, shields and much more!

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Designed to be Efficient

Our duct Weather Barrier system provides R-Value options available to fit all your IECC, IMC, IBC and City specific code requirements. SMACNA Construction Standards with a true Metal Duct interior sealed to meet all SMACNA duct leakage requirements.




Our coating technology provides an impact resistance hard shell that can take a beating! From tool drops to footsteps to wind and hail, we have the power to ENDURE!

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With ASHRAE leaning into standards, it’s time we all re-think quality, safety, and what is in our air stream. Let’s do things together; the SMACNA Standard way, with a high-tech impervious weather system designed to endure the elements.

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