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Rain,  snow, hail, salt, wind,  humidity, and even a polar vortex. Our most important equipment sits outside on our roof lines, vulnerable to rust, rotting, corrosion, dents, cracks and leaking joints, and puddles of water everywhere. With metal prices significantly rising over the years,  what if there was a way to protect and give your most integral outdoor equipment the longevity, insulation, and protection it deserves?


Hi, I am Casey Ann Rheaume, President of EnduraDuct. We are a small manufacturing company in the Chicagoland area serving the HVAC and Building Construction Industry. 

         EnduraDuct utilizes its patented designs and advanced Hard shell technologies to solve problems with outdoor elements and improve the durability and longevity of equipment in the HVAC, Commercial, Industrial, Medical, and Chemical Industries.

EnduraDucts' team of engineers has been in the HVAC and construction industry for over three decades, we started with one big problem. Outdoor Duct Systems. You can not even imagine some of the duct systems we have seen over the years.  Just for a moment, imagine the air quality running through a rusted duct or how much time is spent wrapping ducts with insulation that is not necessarily weatherproof, for long.

         What is the EnduraCoat? EnduraCoat is a seamless system exhibiting extraordinary performance characteristics by creating a waterproof film that protects and strengthens the surface beneath the coating. EnduraCoat can withstand extreme mechanical loads, impacts, and high abrasion and has excellent adhesion properties to most materials, which is great news for the construction industry. We all know tool drops are inevitable, but the EnduraCoating can withstand them. EnduraDuct is SO strong a 300-pound man could stand on top of our ducts and at the right thickness the EnduraCoat could stop a bullet!

        In 2020 ACHR News awarded us a Bronze medal for our Innovative new product- EnduraDuct’s Outdoor Duct System. This revolutionary system offers a hard-shell insulated Outdoor Duct line at an R-12.29 Value (one of the highest in the industry at 2 inches). EnduraDuct offers  SMACNA standard metal duct on the inside, no screws or caulks, and nothing interfering with your airstream, this is a system that is even insulated at the seams, and a single trade can install, cutting down time spent in the field and saving money.

     Let me tell you a customer success story, Late 2020 a company came to us with a problem. They were making chicken breasts through cells, and the process has a lot of corrosive qualities, meaning the ductwork returns would need to be washed out 2 to 3 times a day inside and out. The EnduraCoating is the perfect application for them as it is 100% corrosive free and it’s hardshell protects the insulation and could stand up to all the chemicals and water. We worked together designing the perfect system, in food-grade stainless steel with a series of built-in insulated access doors, so they could continuously wash, clean, and access as needed.

        Imagine … key construction elements like HVAC ductwork lasting decades with no corrosion, rust, or worries. Our team will be with you every step of the way. 

Reach out today. 

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