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                             - Outdoor Duct System 


EnduraDuct's patented design is a highly efficient code compliant  insulated outdoor ductwork system. EnduraDuct's KEY feature is that it is real metal duct, with our proprietary Hard Shell insulation applied and ready to be installed.

Engineering Advantages:

  • Provides True SMACNA standard duct; metal of choice  ( Galvanized, Stainless, Aluminum, PVC coated, etc.) 

  • Can be internally lined if necessary 

  • R-12.29 to R-33.29 

  • Low, Medium, and High-Pressure Class 

  • Spooled in 5ft to 17+ft sections; means fewer entry points for water intrusion

  • Can be washed internally and externally

  • Provides extreme rust, chemical, and mold resistance 

  • Follows SMACNA standards and TDC/TDF connections

  • NO unnecessary screws, caulks, or foams are used 

  • NO Excessive Rods, Stiffners, Screws or Penetrations 

  • Easy to Install

  • Insulated even at the connection points 

  • Has the ability to color match ANY roofline 

EnduraDuct can be manufactured
and spooled in
5-17 ft  sections 

Cutting Install time in half and creating less opportunities for vulnerable entryways. 

Installation is as easy as 1,2,3 

1. Connect TDC/TDF Connections

2. Install insert kit 

3. Install flashing kit, caulk and screws 

* Battery operated Caulk Gun recommended 

Additional Features: 

Damper Handles 

Insulated all the way around, and includes a weatherproof coated box to ensure lasting construction. 

Access Doors 

A fully insulated and crisp presentation; various  metals and sizes available. 


We want to ensure you have the best experience with EnduraDuct. To ensure the inserts fit properly and keep the product water tight, we need to ensure ALL Duct meets these STANDARD requirements. This will make it easier for the install team while keeping the integrity of the product.



Protect against the elements 

- Curb Caps

- Heat Exchangers

- Curb adapters

- Roof Supports

- Roof Drain Caps

- Outdoor Silencers

- and much more!   

 Something else in mind? Contact us 

EnduraDuct's Coating 

EnduraDuct's coating is unique and provides:

ASTM D2240 Shore D Hardness >= 50ASTM D624

Tear Strength >= 370 pliASTM D412

Tensile Strength >= 2350 psi​ ASTM D412

Elongation >= 320%​ Minimum 40 mils thickness exterior shell Washable, mold and mildew resistant.

Corrosive free properties 

UV Protectant can be ANY color 



"We are here to make your project work for you ."

Proud Distributor of SilveRboard Graphite Insulation

SilverRboard Graphite is available in 1" to 2" thicknesses - 4'x 8' Panels 

Pick up what you need and when you need it today! 

5 sheets to 5,000 sheets ; conveniently located in 

Saint Charles, IL ; shipping options also available



-- Exterior above grade walls


-  Component of building recladding

-  Interior below grade foundation wall 

SilverBoard Advantage 

* Stable long term thermal resistance 

* Increased thermal resistance in lower temperatures

* Micro perforated film on both sides provides high vapor     permeance and allows moisture to dry

* AMAZING Flexibility; Double sided film lamination              creates flexible boards which are ideal for radius walls and    turrets 

* Does NOT promote growth of mold or mildew

* No off-gassing and does not contain HFCs, CFCs, or HCFCs

* Each panel is easy to handle due to the low weight and can be easily cut


High R Value!

Specification for Rigid Polystrene Insulation    ASTM C579 Type XI

Thermal Resistance  ASTM C518 @ 75 Degrees F- 4.4 ft. hr/Btu

Water Absorbtion ASTM C272    4.0% 

Water Vapor Permeance ASTM E96  

        SBGXS- 2.74 US Perm ( 157 ng/ Pa.s.m 2)

Flexural Strength ASTM C203  26 psi

Dimensional Stability ASTM D2126  2%

Limiting Oxygen Index  ASTM D2863 > 24%

Density (Min) ASTM D1622 0.7 lb/ft (11kg/m3)

UL 723 

        Flame Spread Index <25 

        Smoke Developed Index <50 

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